Blended learning

Blended learning in Project Management

On a recent workshop in Lisbon (Portugal), an overview of blended learning in Project Management, with a special attention on the impact of communication, is given at the International Conference on Computer Supported Education.

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Abstract: This paper reports on results of experiments in the classroom with students following Project Management (PM) courses using a blended learning approach. It discusses the impact of communication on the student performance on business games as well as the advantage of the use of integrative case studies and their impact on the learning experience of these students. While the performance of students is obtained by marking their quantitative output on the business game or case exercise, their learning experience is measured through an analysis of the course evaluations filled out by these students. Diversity among the test population is guaranteed by testing our experiments on a sample of students with a different background, ranging from university students with or without a strong quantitative background but no practical experience, to MBA students at business schools and PM professionals participating in a PM training.

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