Taking Sound Business Decisions: From Rich Data to Better Solutions

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Download the second edition of the book about Decision Making entitled "Taking sound business decisions: From rich data to better solutions". Simply click on the book cover for a free PDF download (BE PATIENT! +55 MB!) and share this link with others by clicking on one or more sharing links below. Thank you!

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The book gives an introduction to the world of mathematical programming and data analytics and is mainly written for M.Sc. and MBA students at Ghent University, Vlerick Business School and UCL School of Management of University College London. On top of that, the book also contains an overview of research studies and company applications of data-driven modelling technique developed by the Operations Research & Scheduling group, which makes the book potentially relevant for researchers and professionals interested in the new data-driven management approach. The book is free for download via the OR-AS site and will be updated on a regular basis upon requests and comments of the readers.


This book is free to anyone with an interest in decision making. Please, when downloading the book, a simple click to share it is highly appreciated. In doing so, this book will remain free for download. Share it via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


  • Download the MS Excel file with solutions here.
  • Download extra LP and IP examples here.


  • Edition 2: September, 2017
  • Edition 1: September, 2015
  • Any suggestions for a next edition are welcome here.
  • Mobile version of the download link here.