Handbook on Project Management and Scheduling

Project Management and Scheduling

Project scheduling was my first love... and it will be my last!

My work and passion for research on resource-constrained project scheduling dates back from the early 90s when I was following a Project Scheduling course given by Willy Herroelen. From 1996 on, I joined his team as a researcher and met young colleagues, also PhD students, such as Christoph Schwindt and Jürgen Zimmermann at various conferences. We were all passionate about project scheduling, and working hard on our PhD.

These times are gone now. But apparently, we all keep a passion for project scheduling, we write papers and summarize our work in books on Project Management in general and Project Scheduling more specifically.

The Handbook on Project Management and Scheduling is published by Springer in two volumes. Volume 1 is devoted to single-modal and multi-modal project scheduling while volume 2 presents multi-project problems, project scheduling under uncertainty and vagueness, managerial approaches and a separate part on applications, case studies, and information systems. The book is published in the book Series "International Handbooks on Information Systems" with editors  friends and colleagues Christoph Schwindt and Jürgen Zimmermann.

I have written three articles with two colleagues in this book, and you can find them by clicking on the title given below: