Earned duration at Capitant Gent

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Earned duration management for a student association project (at Capitant Gent)

In our most recent publication in the The Measurable News, a summary on the use of earned duration management of a student project is given. This paper is written in collaboration with some of my students at Ghent University. My congratulations to the good and hard work they have done.

Abstract: Earned Duration Management (EDM) is a state-of-the-art project control technique for the time dimension. Introduced by Khamooshi and Golafshani in 2014, this technique has the purpose to decouple the schedule performance and cost measures. Due to the novelty of the EDM approach, there clearly is a need to demonstrate the potential of this technique.

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Cite as: Vanhoucke, M., Boelens, A., D’hondt, H., Hoornaert, E., Mareels, E., Martens, J., & Servranckx, T., 2017, "Earned duration management for a student association project", The Measurable News, 3, 40–45.

Download the paper here.