New publication: PMMundo in Portuguese

Gerenciamento Integrado de Controles De Projetos

Primeiro vem a teoria, e então a prática

In anticipation of my stay in Lisbon next year, I have written my first Portuguese publication on Dynamic Project Management and Control. The article is a summary and overview of the book "Integrated Project Management and Control: First comes the theory, then the practice" published by Springer. The article is published in MundoPM, a Brazilian Project Management journal, and the reference is as follows:

  • Vanhoucke, M., 2014, "Gerenciamento Integrado de Controles De Projetos: Primeiro vem a teoria, e então a prática", Mundo Project Management, 59, 52-56

The article is originally written in English and afterwards translated in Portuguese and published by colleague Osmar Zózimo, executive editor and publisher at the MundoPM and Journal of Modern Project Management.