ORASTalks goes international

ORASTalks on the world map!

ORASTalks is the app about Project Management and Decision Making for and by students and professionals, and is used during my teaching sessions at universities, business schools and company trainings across the world. Initially, ORASTalks was only available for iOS and Android at its introduction date in 2013, but recently we have put it also available for Windows Phone users.

The initial idea was to communicate with my Belgian students, but soon other students and professionals started to use the app as their tool to get in contact with me and my team. Below you see that the epicentre of the ORASTalks downloads clearly lies in Belgium and in China, which is where I mostly teach, but other places that I have visited (and not visited) are also on the download map. The maps clearly show the spread of downloads, and hence the interest in Project Management and Decision Making, all over the world.

Spread the news and get in contact with colleagues and friends all over the world, and download the free ORASTalks app from your favourite app store. By the way, if you like our app, rate our app in your favourite app store.