INESC TEC Porto and OR&S Ghent

On June 5th, 2015, four members of the Operations Research and Scheduling group were invited at INESCTEC Porto. A workshop organized by colleague and friend José Coelho, who currently collaborates on a four-months research project in Lisbon (Portugal) with Mario Vanhoucke on Branch-and-Bound searches for scheduling.

The workshop PMSGU 2015 (Project Management and Scheduling - Ghent University) was given at the offices in Porto, after a nice introduction to the overwhelming amount of research projects they currently carry out (from scheduling to drone testing, from smart grid technology to marine technology, and much more). The workshop with presentations of our research was not only interesting for both speakers and listeners, it was also a first step in further collaborations with members of the INESCTEC team.

Nice experience. To be continued...

Team of young researchers (Louis-Philippe Kerkhove, Pieter Leyman and Laura Willems) and authors (José Fernando Gonçalves, José Silva Pedro Coelho and Mario Vanhoucke) of the recent handbook of Project Management and Scheduling


  • António Gaspar: General introduction and welcome
  • Mario Vanhoucke: Integrated Project Management and Control: Future research directions with the million euro research project
  • Pieter Leyman: Resource-constrained project scheduling with net present value maximization
  • Louis-Philippe Kerkhove: Machine and job shop scheduling with Cmax minimization
  • Laura Willems: Controlling projects with Earned Value Management: An overview and empirical research
  • Mario Vanhoucke: Conclusion & exploration potential research opportunities
  • José Coelho: Final words and conclusion