Schedule Risk Analysis: What, why and how?


Schedule Risk Analysis is one of the three main features in ProTrack 3.0. Its relevance has been discussed widely in literature.

A recent article shows what it is is and why one should do it. Check it here

For a more detailed analysis on how, why and when, two articles have been published in the Omega journal. Find them here:

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p-factor error solved in P2Engine


After another weekend of intensive teamwork, we managed to identify and solve a problem with the p-factor calculation1 in P2Engine.

Our P2Engine solution is used for academic research. During this research, hundreds of projects are simulated and all EVM data are analysed. In certain cases, there seemed to be an unexplicable glitch in the p-factor curve.

The problem was this: EVM calculations strongly depend on costs (= value) assigned to activities. Some projects did not earn value from their start, so the p-factor was not correct.

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PSG University College London


The Project Scheduling Game has been successfully used at University College London on Friday, February 3rd, 2012. No errors, no bugs, only enthousiastic students with excellent strategies to "solve" the critical path method problem. Nice!

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Best Thesis on Project Management


The students Evelyn De Blieck and Ellen De Groote have received the PMI-Belgium prize for the best thesis on Project Management during the graduation ceremony for the Commercial Engineers (Handelsingenieurs). The thesis was supervised by Prof. dr. Mario Vanhoucke from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration ( from the Ghent University.

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